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Pine Meadow Ranch Mosaic Mural

Pine Meadow Ranch Mosaic Mural: Part 3 - Fabrication of the mural panels

by Rochelle Rose Schueler

(Link to Part 1 – The Beginning can be found Here)

(Link to Part 2 – Design and Prep can be found Here)

In June 2020, we had invitation letters created and ready to send out to several mosaic artists to invite them to come to Pine Meadow Ranch to do an artist residency as a mosaic assistant to help us fabricate our design into a beautiful tile mural.Then COVID changed everything!All residencies at Pine Meadow Ranch were pushed out to 2021 as they were restricted to Day Camps only, no overnight.

Lynn and I made the decision to continue working on just the middle three panels of our design ourselves as Day Campers. I worked all summer prepping the site and getting the three frames and panels ready to mosaic. Lynn tweaked the design of the three panels at her studio and enlarged the design to full scale. We transferred the design and were finally ready to start fabrication in October.

We started breaking up the geometric tiles and made good progress by mid-November

Putting all of the little tile squares in took us into the end of January 2021!

Stay tuned for more progress in Part 4 - Three Panel Completion & Installation and a Big Announcement!


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