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Off to the Central Oregon Maker Faire!

After a huge shipping debacle, I finally got my colored acrylic/plexiglass sheet at the last day possible for our Fleur-de-LUX robotic flower sculpture. Yesterday morning, I rushed my files over to get laser cut by our friend (and ex-DIY Cave steward) Trevor Crosta who does amazing work making some very cool topographic maps ( Really- check them out for gifts!

By noon, I gathered two helpers from DIY Cave, Heather Weiermann and Eric Law and we sanded, installed and riveted in 160 pieces of acrylic! What a job into the night, but it was on-time and ready for loading this morning to head to the Deschutes County Fairgrounds where it will be the showpiece to greet all of the guests who come to the:

Central Oregon Maker Faire

Sat 10am - 8pm

Sun 10am - 3pm

Mon 9:30am - 2:30pm online - Zoom & Youtube

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