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FLEUR de LUX - Interactive Kinetic Sculpture I am currently working on.

FLEUR DE LUX – Interactive Kinetic Sculpture

Unveiling at the Central Oregon Makers Faire – Nov 13-14

Deschutes County Fairgrounds

In August, I joined a collaborative group of artists and makers here in Bend called KINSCULPT. The group formed in the middle of a very challenging year with one goal in mind: to create something big and beautiful to lift the spirits and inspire the minds of all who come upon it. This vision has manifested itself as Fleur de LUX – a large, interactive, robo-botanical kinetic sculpture that borrows its design from nature, but invokes something fantastical!

Early in the fabrication of the project, I helped out grinding and a little welding.

Next, I worked on riveting in all of the clips to hold all of the LED light strands that are going to light up this sculpture with some very exciting techno lighting programs!!

I am leading the design of adding color to the project using colored acrylic on the flower petals. Here are some of my color gradations I came up with using available acrylic colors.

Come and see the unveiling!

Central Oregon Maker Faire

NOV 13-14 - Deschutes County Fairgrounds.

Afterwards, Fleur de LUX will become a traveling sculpture to bring light and wonder to other communities.

For more information, photos, and videos of the project


If you are interested in supporting the Arts, we have a go fund me site for this project:


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