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Community Mosaic at the Little Stones Project

Little Stone Project at the Tower Theatre in Bend, OR – Nov 2-5 – a Weekend of art, education, and inspiration!

Keystone of the event is the showing of the documentary film “Little Stones”. Come take a free art workshop!

Be a part of a Community Mosaic!

Come put a piece in my Community Mosaic titled “Ripple Effect” at the Little Stones Project Nov 2-5

Nov 2 – Documentary Filmmaker Sophia Kruz will be showing her film, Little Stones, about 4 women artists who use their art for social change at the Tower Theatre at 7pm

Nov 3, 4, 5 – Come to the at Liberty Arts Collective and place a piece in my large-scale mosaic tile mural “Ripple Effect” and be a part of this community mural! or take a free workshop on mosaics, graffiti, or poetry. Also, shop at the socially conscious marketplace.

Wild Rose Artworks is located at the DIY Cave Artist Studios at 9th Street Village

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