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Tribute to Babette

2014  Commission


“Tribute to Babette” bench – Exterior ceramic tile, glass, concrete, 15” x 42” x 3”


Designed and created by Rochelle Rose-Schueler of Wild Rose Artworks


In 2014, I was hired by 2 daughters to create a memorial bench for their mother, Babette, who was a master gardener and whose yard was beautifully landscaped and always in bloom with beautiful flowers.  They wanted to memorialize their mother with a beautiful floral garden bench.  They had words from a touching song that they wanted to include in the design.  They asked if I could take some design elements from the bench and trickle them down the legs.


My mosaic, “Tribute to Babette” uses bright colors of glass and ceramic to create a heartfelt design that shows the special love these 2 daughters had for their mother and how special their mother’s garden was to their lives.

Mosaic Process
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