2017  Commission


“Splash” - made from re-cycled plastic motel room keys, 24" x 36"


Designed and created by Rochelle Rose-Schueler of Wild Rose Artworks


Because I work on mosaics in non-traditional materials, I was asked to design a mosaic for a client using a pile of plastic motel keys that she had collected from all of her travel for work.  She wanted the design to have a wine theme.  I made two drawings for her related to a wine theme and we decided to go forward with the design of flowing wine splashing into a wine glass.


It was a fun challenge to find the colors I needed for the mosaic in the various plastic keys and to cut them in a way to create movement and flow with the tesserae.

Mosaic Process

Wild Rose Artworks is located at the DIY Cave Artist Studios at 9th Street Village

444 SE 9th St. in Bend, Oregon 97702 - rochelle@wildroseartworks.com - (541) 410-5844