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 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


2014     Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


“Mexican Lotus Mural”


Design and project facilitation by Laurel True

Production by True and Students of Global Mosaic Project:  Mexico


In November 2014, I traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to participate in a Global Mosaic Project under Laurel True’s leadership.  We fabricated a colorful large-scale mosaic mandala and installed it at an artist retreat called Hacienda Mosaico.  The project participants besides myself included Lori Hogan, Melissa Haist, Patty Smith, Jane Plenge, Maren Schnebeck, Carol Borzyskowski, Amy McClure, Susan Johansen, Anna Webb, Brenda Longacre, Line Bergene, Shelley Beaumont, and Laurel True. 


The mandala was made of mirror and ceramic tile.

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