Oakland, CA

2014     Oakland, CA


Jingletown ”Dream Village” mural


Design and project facilitation by Laurel True

Production by mosaic students and visiting artists


I along with other visiting artists got to participate in a community project where we created mosaics on the Jingletown Art Studios building façade in Oakland, CA (formerly the home of the Institute of Mosaic Art that Laurel True co-founded).  The building is painted bright purple and is scattered with various multi-colored and mirrored mosaics depicting fantastical buildings, giant flowers, and hearts.  A recurring theme in the mosaics is the presence of eyes, which can be found in a lot of True’s projects. Various students from IMA classes also worked on the mural.  The mural is made of glass, mirror, and ceramic tile.

Rochelle Rose-Schueler teaches mosaic classes at the DIY Cave Artist Studios at 9th Street Village

444 SE 9th St. in Bend, Oregon 97702 - rochelle@wildroseartworks.com - (541) 410-5844