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Mosaic Garden Bricks

2014  Birds in the Garden Exhibition

Sisters Art Works private art exhibition – Sisters, Oregon


“Mosaic Garden Bricks” – Glass, concrete, 4” x 7” each


Designed and created by Rochelle Rose-Schueler of Wild Rose Artworks


In 2014, I was invited to participate in a private exhibition by watercolor artist Kathy Deggendorfer along with 2 other artists in Sisters, Oregon.  The exhibition Birds In the Garden brought together four artists working in watercolor, ceramic tile, fused glass, and mosaic.  I created several pieces of art for this exhibition in either a bird theme or a garden theme. 


“Mosaic Garden Bricks” are colorful inlaid glass mosaic bricks for the garden.  I used colorful stained glass to add a fun, bright spot of color to the garden.  I used keystoning to create a precision laid mosaic.

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