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Jacmel, Haiti 2


2016     St Michel Hospital, Jacmel, Haiti


“Mosaic Healing Garden” -Mosaic Flower


Design by Children from Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC) in Jacmel, Haiti

Project concept and facilitation by Laurel True

Production by international community of mosaic artists and enthusiasts including Rochelle Rose-Schueler  and Kate Kerrigan in Wild Rose Artworks studio Bend, Oregon



Laurel True reached out to mosaic artists through email and social media, many who were former students and friends from Seattle Mosaic Arts and invited them to participate in Global Mosaic Project:  Haiti, a Mosaic Healing Garden in the pediatric ward of Hospital St Michel in Jacmel, Haiti.  This special community-based mosaic project, brought together international artists and emerging artists from Haiti by compiling dozens of mosaic flowers and butterflies made by mosaic artists from the US, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, France and Haiti from designs made by ACFFC children; as well as 4 mosaic murals and a counter designed and created by young adult artists specially selected for this project from ACFFC's Jacmel Mozaik Team. This was a project of Art Creation Foundation for Children in partnership with True Mosaics Studio, Seattle Mosaic Arts and The Canadian Red Cross.

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