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Information Retrieval

2015  Curves & Lines Exhibition

Linus Art Galleries’ International juried art exhibition – Long Beach & Pasadena, California


“Information Retrieval” – 2-panel diptych 18” x 36”, glass, mirror


Designed and created by Rochelle Rose-Schueler of Wild Rose Artworks


In 2015, I wanted to submit a mosaic to the Linus Art Galleries’ International juried art exhibition named, “Curves & Lines”.  I pulled out and dusted off my old drafting equipment and began drawing.  I was trying to capture a lot of movement with the curves and lines that would pull the viewers eyes all around the mosaic.  I also wanted to add an element of surprise that the viewer had to search for; therefore, I created varying mosaic Opera (laying patterns) in the black background and must be viewed close up to see them.  I was fortunate to be selected by the jury for this exhibition alongside other international artists in various art mediums.


My intention with my abstract piece “Information Retrieval” was to use sinuous mosaic laying patterns, a vibrant, energetic color palette, and reflective mirror and glass pieces to convey systems of mechanistic interconnectedness full of motion, rhythm, and movement.  This piece transported me to the historic press rooms, with their pneumatic tube canisters, conveyor belts, red lights in the photo dark rooms, and printing machinery when they were a vibrant, energetic, continually flowing part of the ritual of daily life.

Mosaic Process

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