Pine Meadow Ranch



Sisters, OR

Pine Meadow Ranch

5' x 24'

Team: Rochelle Schueler, Lynn Adamo and 3 art residency students

Design: Rochelle Schueler & Lynn Adamo

Facilitation: Rochelle Schueler, Lynn Adamo

The Pine Meadow Ranch Mosaic Mural is a project that will become a cornerstone art piece at the headquarters of the Pine Meadow Ranch Center for Arts & Agriculture in Sisters, Oregon. I am the lead artist and facilitator for the creation of this twenty-four foot group mosaic mural project.

My experience as a professional mosaic artist working in private and public art installations, group mosaic projects, and as the the owner of Wild Rose Artworks mosaic studio in Bend, Oregon, has led me to this new adventure. My vision for this project is to create a beautiful mural for the headquarters that captures the heart and soul of Pine Meadow Ranch and the mountain beauty that surrounds this Central Oregon gem, as well as give the opportunity to other emerging mosaic artists to be a part of this fun legacy mosaic project where I hope to illuminate the contributions that the Roundhouse Foundation has made to Central Oregon creative communities. In Summer 2022, Lynn Adamo and I will be facilitating the completion of the Pine Meadow Ranch mural with several mosaic artists selected from the 2022 Roundhouse Foundation's Pine Meadow Ranch Center for Arts and Agriculture - Artist Residency Program (

Pine Meadow Round Barn
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