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Fleur de LUX



Bend, OR

Fleur de LUX

25' wide x 18' tall

Team: Kinsculpt Artist Group

Design: Artists from Kinsculpt Team

Facilitation: Artists from Kinsculpt Team

In early 2021, I joined a group of like-minded artists and makers who came together to form a collaborative team called KinSculpt ( Our group formed in the middle of a very challenging year with one goal in mind: to create something big and beautiful to lift the spirits and inspire the minds of all who come upon it. This vision has manifested itself as "Fleur de LUX" – a large, colorful, interactive, robo-botanical kinetic sculpture that borrows its design from nature, but invokes something fantastical! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of hardship, we wanted this piece to evoke new life.

Fleur de LUX invokes the form of a flower, with large steel “petals” patterned with beautiful acrylic color gradations that open up to reveal a central “pistil” containing a dazzling embedded LED display. The flower comes alive with the light from the sun, but at dark turns into a spectacular interactive moving light show.

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