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River of Remembrance

This collaborative design was submitted to the 2015 HDDC Design Competition where it was awarded 1st place in the Landscape Design division.


2015     Bend, Oregon


Partners in Care Hospice House landscape proposal


Collaborative design between Rochelle Rose-Schueler, Holly Rodes-Smithey, and Randal Smithey


The High Desert Design Council (HDDC) is a non-profit business association that I belong to that promotes the growth and success of its members in the design industry and provides service and philanthropy to the community at large.  In 2015, the philanthropic project recipient was Partners in Care Hospice House.  Our association provided design services for re-designing patient rooms and the exterior landscaping.


Holly Rodes-Smithey, Randal Smithey, and I were the 3-person team tasked with proposing a re-design of the exterior landscaping by finding a collective way to present all of the memory rocks located in various parts of the landscape into a cohesive collection and creating a design that would tie into future development land next door.


Our design was to make a dry riverbed that tied the current landscape area to the future development and placed all of the memorial rocks in the riverbed.  The turns of the creek were to be made of concrete with abstract tile mosaic waves to create the feeling of water flowing.  In addition, metal benches would sit next to the riverbed to provide areas for contemplation.  These benches were designed in a leaf pattern and would have several of the memory rocks placed into the poured concrete base.


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