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New Orleans, LA


2014     New Orleans, LA


“Secret Garden” mural


Design and project facilitation by Laurel True

Production by Laurel and 6 mosaic apprentices


In December 2013, I was awarded a 10-day intensive professional development apprenticeship to study mosaic mural making under renowned mosaic artist, Laurel True, at her studio in New Orleans.  A second apprentice and I along with 2 young men from Haiti that she had been training completed construction of 2/3 of the 40-foot Hidden Garden mural during the apprenticeship. The mural designed by True of a floral and fauna scene was made of porcelain tile and was a site-specific private installation in California.  The 10-day training included lessons in precision setting, project management, large-scale mosaic mural creation, specialty cutting and carving, and glass fusing techniques

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