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The Nopoló Flow Mural

The Nopoló Flow Mural - collaborative installation created for private commission.

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2019     Loreto, Baja, Mexico


“Nopoló Flow Mural” created at a private residence in Loreto, Baja, Mexico


Design - Lynn Adamo

Mosaic Fabrication - Lynn Adamo and Rochelle Rose-Schueler of Wild Rose Artworks


In February of 2019, my friend and colleague, Lynn Adamo received an email inquiry through her website about creating an abstract exterior mosaic mural for a client's house being built in Loreto, Mexico.  Lynn immediately contacted me and invited me to collaborate with her on this large project because of my experience with large-scale exterior mosaic murals.

Our clients sent samples of the specific color palette they wanted and were able to give us a design direction to work with.  Lynn drew up 2 versions of the design and our clients chose their favorite version which can be seen in the photos below.  Once the design was signed off, we were off and running!  The mosaic was fabricated with glass, stone, ceramic tile, and some rusty pieces of metal.  We took a field trip to our local salvage yard and found some great rusty gears for the mosaic.  I hunted through piles of tile and stone at the local Habitat ReStore to collect some great pieces of marble and travertine that are shown in the photos below.

The mosaic first climbs up a 10-foot wall next to the client's front door that opens to a courtyard, then winds through a pergola and over the top of the courtyard wall which is 18" wide, then drops down the other side of the wall for 6 feet where it ends at a stone scupper that pours into the client's swimming pool.  We completed fabrication in mid-August.  We wrapped the mosaic mural sections in bubblewrap and placed them on shelves in the wood boxes that I built for transportation to Mexico.  


We spent 6 work-filled days in Mexico in November to complete installation.  We borrowed tile saws and scaffolding from the construction crew working on the house.  We first mortared all of the sections we pre-built in the summer, and then had 2 areas of the mosaic that we had to hand build on site through the pergola area and around the scupper to get a perfect fit.  The final morning was left for screwing in the rusty metal gears and taking photos of the final installation.

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