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Habitat for Humanity ReStore Logo

In January 2016, we were awarded the City of Bend’s prestigious 2015 Art, Beautification, and Culture (ABC) Award for this collaborative project.


2014     Bend, Oregon


“ReStore logo” for Habitat for Humanity ReStore


Design and production by Rochelle Rose-Schueler of Wild Rose Artworks


In April 2014, I met with artist, Justyn Livingston ( who is a talented painter and tile artist, about a project that she was working on with architect, Stacey Stemach ( Stacey was designing the remodel of an old lumberyard building for the new owners, Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  His design included using a lot of upcycled materials from the ReStore to give it a more urban industrial feel.  On a significant portion of the exterior, he wanted to have ReStore volunteers install chunks of donated split cedar in a pattern to create waves and movement.


Stacey tasked Justyn to come up with a concept for a mural to cover a 35’ space on the outside walls of the new building above a portion of the split cedar wave siding.  Her design was a metal assemblage mural of an aerial view of the Deschutes River flowing through Bend.  Justyn contacted me to make a metal mosaic logo out of recycled pieces from the ReStore to “float” above her metal mural.  In June, we each brought our sample boards to the Board of Directors and they accepted the project.


I drew up the eight-foot logo and had the letters fabricated out of heavy sheet metal.  I went through the ReStore and found all sorts of industrial looking pieces and parts and hauled a bucketful back to my studio.  I laid them out in piles and started designing adding in copper to connect to Justyn’s mural concept.  By December, I had finished all of the lettering for the logo and waited for installation.

Individual Letters
Wild Rose Studio Logo_edited.png


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