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Harmony, Faithfulness, & Confidence



“Harmony, Faithfulness, and Confidence” – Ceramic tile, glass, mirror, 36” diameter


Designed and created by Rochelle Rose-Schueler of Wild Rose Artworks


Blue is one of the three primary colors of pigments in traditional color theory.  Blue is the color most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, and confidence.  It is overwhelmingly the most popular color chosen by almost half of both men and women as their favorite color.  Blue gives a feeling of distance.  Energy of the color blue allows us to look beyond and increase our perspective outward.  Blue relates to the future in linear time.


This is one of my large-scale mosaic mirrors in a series.  In this mosaic, I was playing with the theme of the color and energy of blue. I was experimenting with abstract sinuous laying patterns placing mirror and colorful blue glass-rivers to create reflectivity and harmony.  I wanted to transport the viewer so they are drifting into the cosmos looking at some far-off distant space objects and reflecting about our creation and future.

Mosaic Process

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