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Discovery West Bridge Mosaic Logos

The Discovery West bridge logos were a commissioned commercial project

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DW light close up.jpeg

2020     Bend, Oregon


“Discovery West Bridge Logos” created as part of a commercial project in Bend, Oregon

Mosaic fabrication, and installation - Rochelle Rose-Schueler of Wild Rose Artworks


In July of 2019, I was commissioned by Westbend Property Company II to create eight tile mosaic logos to be installed on the concrete bridge leading to their new subdivision called Discovery West.  Six of the mosaic logos were to be installed on the light piers on the top part of the bridge that invites the public into the new subdivision, with the remaining two to be installed on the side fascia of the bridge and viewed as the public walks under the bridge on a dedicated local park path.

I created cardboard mock-ups of the piers with paper logos sized and centered on the cardboard to give a realistic view of what the project would look like when complete.  I then created plywood cut-outs for the bridge contractor to use with their forms to create the recessed space for the tile logos.

While the bridge was being built, I made precise cuts out of the tile to create the pieces of the Discovery West logo and used tile tape to hold it together once it was laid out.

When the bridge was completed in June 2020, the installation began.  The fun part of the installation was using a motorized lift to take my gear and myself up to the fascia to work.  The mosaics were finished with a urethane grout to hold up to the Central Oregon weather.

Wild Rose Studio Logo_edited.png


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