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Autumn Tranquility


“Autumn Tranquility” – triptych landscape art piece, rusted corten steel panels 6' x 12'


Designed and created by Rochelle Rose-Schueler of Wild Rose Artworks

October 2020

In August of 2019, I received an inquiry from a client about creating a custom landscape art piece to break up a long concrete retaining wall along the driveway to their house here in Bend, Oregon.

We discussed various art options including mosaic and metal, but decided on a rusty corten steel art project.  In December 2019, final decisions were made to create a custom 3-panel design using 4' x 6' corten steel panels.  In January 2020, I interviewed the clients to understand the design direction that they were thinking.  They wanted a tree, mountains, and birds.  During the design process,  they decided they wanted some movement and leaves falling.  I drew several iterations of the trees, birds, and mountains editing my design using feedback from the clients.  Once the design was signed off,  I was ready to proceed with fabrication!  Well, then COVID came on the scene and the project got put on hold.  Fast forward to July 2020 and I was back on the project!  I started cutting, welding, and grinding posts and had the panels cut and formed.  Once the panels were finished, I drilled holes in the posts and panels for attaching, then sent the posts to powder coating.  I worked with Jesse Catlow of Catlow Construction to set up the framework to hold the panels in place for the installation into the ground. Installation of the panels was finished at the end of September.  In October, I started the rusting process to bring out the beautiful orange patina.

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