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CMA Mosaication - Ashland, Oregon

Untitled 7.jpg

2014     Ashland, CA


CMA ”Mosaicathon” mural


Design and project facilitation by Dawn Mendelson

Production by mosaic artist participants at the 2014 Contemporary Mosaic Art summit


In October 2014, The Contemporary Mosaic Art Summit held its first public event in Ashland, Oregon.  It featured mosaic workshops, speakers, and invitational exhibitions.  Another great contribution to the summit was the organization and facilitation of a community mosaic by the crew from Piece by Piece, a non-profit that provides low-income and previously homeless people with free mosaic art workshops to build skills, self-confidence, and eventually, income in the Los Angeles area.


The group project for the 2014 summit was to build a mosaic with contribution by many of the participants at the summit and present it to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank.  As time allowed, I was able to participate in helping to create this “Mosaicathon” piece.

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